A NEWPORT man accused of helping to organise a sham marriage which involved his brother insisted he had thought the union was genuine.

Roman Horvath, 36, of Broadmead Park, told Cardiff Crown Court he'd had no suspicions despite only learning the date of the wedding on the morning of the day itself.

Horvath is standing trial alongside Samuel Akudike, 41, of Commercial Road, Newport.

Both deny assisting unlawful immigration

Horvath's brother Robert Horvath and his 'bride', Uzoma Cynthia Onwuha admitted their marriage was a sham so that Uzoma, from Nigeria, could stay in the UK.

The question the jury must decide its whether the two defendants, who worked with Robert Horvath at Avana Bakeries in Rogerstone, helped organise the scam.

The Horvath brothers are EU citizens, originally from the Czech Republic, but Onwuha was not an EU citizen, the court heard.

Horvath said he had met Onwuha before the wedding: "I met her with Robert and my wife and children."

He also said he had known of the wedding more than a week before, just not the exact date until the day itself.

That morning, "[Robert] called me and said 'Quickly quickly, go there and be a witness", Horvath said.

Jeremy Jenkins, prosecuting, asked Horvath if he suspected anything.

Horvath said: "No I did not."

"He just said I should be there at 2pm. He said the family of the bride was already on their way there and I should be there."

He said his mother and father told him they were not going.