Q: I have an alium in a tub with some strawberries – but the allium’s leaves are getting yellow and dried out despite me watering it often. Is this because it needs feeding, or do I have to remove the strawberries? EM, Caerleon

A: Let the alium flower and the strawberries fruit, you will need to feed the stawberries with tomato feed when they start to flower. In late summer I would put them all in a deeper pot with some fresh compost and add some blood fish and bone feed. This should cure the problem.

Q: We have several trees that have dense ivy growing up them. Is it best for the health of the trees that we sever the ivy vines at the base of the tree during Spring? MA via email

A: You can cut the Ivy at any time. The ivy will die back and look rather unsightly for a while so you might want to wait till later in the year.

Q: When should I start pruning my privet hedge? ME, Abergavenny

A: Prune privet in June or July after it has done its growing. If you want to reduce it in size do it gradually spring summer and autumn.

Q: I’d like some traditional bluebells for my garden, but I know I cannot go digging them up from woods – can I get the British bluebells anywhere for sale, or just the larger generally cultivated variety? BD, Cwmbran

A: You can get native bluebells in the Autumn in packets and in the spring in pots. The Latin name is Hyacinthoides non-scripta.

Tips for the week:

Watch out for late frosts and protect tender plants.

Ventilate the greenhouse regularly

Earth up potatoes for a better crop.

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