Q: What wild flowers are best for attracting butterflies and insects? KC via Facebook

A: Teasels, brambles and nettles are good for egg laying and feed caterpillars. A good herbaceous boarder including the butterfly bush, lavender and verbena will provide nectar. Think about hibernation areas, they like sheds and out buildings and thick cover provided by holly and ivy.

Q: Could you please tell me where I could find a seed dispenser? As being an old lady I'm afraid my fingers re not what they used to be, and I cannot put seeds in as they should be planted. MW, Caldicot

A: A firm called Tenax make them and it should be easily available on line. Many people have found them a complete waste of money. You could mix very small seed with sand to make sowing easy.

Q: I need a fast-growing vine to cover a trellis, but don't want to plant ivy as it damages brickwork. What would you recommend? AT, Newport

A: In a sunny position you could plant a potato vine (solanum). They are fast growing and flower all summer long. You can get blue and white flowering varieties. If the area is shaded try a honeysuckle,most varieties have fragrant flowers and attract nectar lovers.

Q: Is it safe to take my beetroot seedlings out of the greenhouse and plant them out now - or should I wait? NR, Newport

A: You are safe to put beetroot out now as frost is now a remote possibility.

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