CAMPING season is an exciting time of year for the whole family. Whether you choose to buy your gear little by little, or in one big shopping trip, you want the best.

Whether you are heading to a festival, a forest or Finland, make sure you’re not caught short in terms of camping equipment.

So, to help you out I’ve compiled this list of beginners items to make your camping experience as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

Above all, ensure you have the right gear to ensure you are safe, comfortable, and ready for fun.

1.Machu Picchu Solar Powered 4 Man Tent Geometric Pink, £195 from Stand out and stay connected with this beautifully designed (and world first) Solar Powered Tent. Each tent comes with a 5w solar panel, lithium solar storage bank and mobile phone/USB charging adaptors. The solar panel and storage bank can charge many low voltage devices. Whether its a mobile phone, tablet, mp3 player, camera, speakers or L.E.D lighting you'll always be connected.With an easy set up design, lightweight materials and super strong fabric you'll be sure to not only have a relaxed and efficient setup but a safe nights sleep no matter what the conditions. Sleeps four adults.

2.Woolworths Highland trail camping chair £12. You can try going camping without a camping chair, but you won’t enjoy it. As the years tick by, I have slowly come to the realisation that there is no better feeling than sipping a frosty can of fruity cider from the comfort of a camping chair as the sun sets. Allow one per adult, (children are more limber and thus can sit on the ground where they belong) and if you’re at a festival, mark them and stow them away when not in use as they will inevitably get stolen by drunken revellers at 4am.

3.Woolworths Anthony Worrall Thompson Travel Cooker £34.

4.Marks & Spencer Colour Block Welly from £15.

5.BioLite CampStove £149.95. This Unique camping stove and power solution in one is powered from twigs, pinecones and other renewable biomass. It allows you to charge your gadgets on the go. Small and lightweight, it is ideal for campers off on their adventures.

The beauty of the BioLite Campstove is that you can use it without anything other than twigs and bits of wood that you collect on your journey. You don't need to carry any heavy or expensive fluids or gas. It's quick to light, fast to boil and simple to use.

The stove works by converting heat generated from the fire into usable electricity. Using thermoelectric technology, BioLite Stoves convert heat to electricity that powers a fan to make the fire ultra-efficient. The extra electricity can be used to charge small electronics like mobile phones and LED lights. You can connect your phone, tablet or other gadgets to the stove to charge while you boil the kettle or cook your breakfast, and unlike solar energy, you can generate energy on-demand, without the need for sunlight. The USB port provides 2W of power at 5V, charging devices from LED lights to smartphones.

6.Gelert Highlander Solar Shower - Black, 20 Litres , £5.49. This Portable solar heated shower is made of black polyvinyl material to attract the warmth of the sun. The water heats up to 41C after 3 hours with direct sunlight. It also features a reinforced handle for hanging and weight support and Includes hanging cord with hook. Perfect for those who are averse to campsites and prefer to go off the beaten track but remain fresh.

7.Vangar Boulder 35 rucksack, £40. With its sleek and clean design the Boulder is a great mid-sized rucksack for the outdoors. Its raincover, shock cord accessory on the lid and compression straps make it an ideal daysack that will perform well.

8. Vango Junior Wilderness Penguin sleeping bag £28.