MOST people in Wales are satisfied with schools and just over half said their council services were of a high standard.

These were just some of the findings of the the National Survey for Wales which was published today.

The National Survey for Wales began in January 2012 and involves face-to-face interviews across Wales with more than 14,000 people aged 16 and over.

The survey reveals people’s views on the transport, health, and education systems.

The 2013-2014 overall rating for health was 6.2, education 6.3 and transport 5.9, where zero is ‘extremely bad’ and ten is ‘extremely good’.

Health satisfaction fell from 6.4 to 6.2 in the last year with 38 percent of people finding it difficult to make a convenient appointment to see a GP in the last 12 months – a figure which has risen by rise of 33 per cent since 2012.

Despite this 92 percent were satisfied with the care they received from their GP at their last visit.

People were also asked how well they thought the government was doing its job on the scale from 0 (dissatisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied) with the average rating remaining on par with previous year at 5.8.

Meanwhile In education, 92 per cent of parents were satisfied with the primary school their child attended and 85 per cent were satisfied with the secondary school their child attended. Satisfaction for transport was also high with 79 per cent of people feeling safe on public transport after dark.

While for council services overall 57 per cent of people said that their local authority provided high quality services showing a nearly even split.

Welcoming publication of the National Survey Jane Hutt said:

“The National Survey for Wales is an important resource for us as we develop and assess our policies to improve our public services. We want to make sure that people across Wales are satisfied with the public services that are being delivered.

“The results being published today are very encouraging and show people in Wales have a high level of satisfaction with the key public services they access.

“I’m sure local authorities and Local Health Boards will also find these results useful as they plan the services they’ll be delivering over the coming year.”

The National Survey for Wales, 2013-14 results can be found on the Welsh government website: