Newport one of UK's worst for disqualified drivers

10:31am Monday 2nd June 2014

NEWPORT has been named as having one of the worst driver disqualification rates in Wales, England and Scotland.

The statistics, sourced by the company Contract Hire A Car, were calculated using the total number of car license holders in each area from 2011 and driver disqualification figures from the DVLA during 2012.

Newport ranked 10th behind Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, Ilford, Swansea, Manchester, Slough, Aberdeen and Peterborough, out of towns and cities with more than 100,000 licence holders.

Of 136,052 licence holders in Newport, 590 were disqualified giving a rate of 0.43 per cent.

This compares to 1,084 disqualifications among Bradford’s 166,171 licence holders, giving a rate of 0.65 per cent.

The 10 best UK towns and cities included Cheltenham, Colchester, Chelmsford and Solihull who, with an average of 120,000 licence holders and 207 disqualifications each, all had disqualification rates lower than 0.2 per cent.


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