CAERPHILLY Youth Forum is working to raise awareness of the dangers associated with drugs, alcohol and legal highs among young people in the area.

The forum selected the issue as their key priority for the coming year.

The Caerphilly Youth Forum project group have been working alongside DAYS (Drug and Alcohol Young People’s Services) and Zoom Cymru to raise awareness of the dangers of each by producing three short films with the aim of educating young people and are also working to develop a series of workshop sessions.Joel Price, 18, chairman of Caerphilly Youth Forum said: “This is a priority issue which Caerphilly Youth Forum feel really passionately about working to address.

“While much work is already being done across the county borough to try to make sure that these substances do not get into the hands of young people, we still feel that there is a lack of understanding in some respects about the very real dangers associated with alcohol, drugs and NPS (new psychoactive substances or legal highs) among young people in our county borough”.

“We hope these short films and workshop materials that we are working to produce will offer real benefits, and help reinforce to young people the key messages about the dangers and effects of drugs and alcohol,” he added.

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