NEWPORT’S teen author Beth Reeks has announced the release of her latest book-the last in her three part book deal with Random House.

Miss Reeks, 18, who writes under the name of Beth Reekles, has said she is ‘nervous and excited’ about the release of her latest book ‘Out Of Tune’ which will be available from major retailers for £7.99 from July 3.

The book is the first not to be published online initially via the writing site Wattpad, going straight to paperback next month.

“I am quite excited and nervous about the release because this is the first time I don’t know what the fan reaction will be,” she said of not publishing it online.

“I started writing it last summer and decided to work on something else on Wattpad in the meantime.

“My publisher called me in October time and it took me three to four months to write.”

The book by Corgi paperbacks follows the story of top student Ashley Bennett whose life is turned upside-down with the arrival of mysterious neighbour Todd O’Connor.

The teen author who is currently studying physics at Exeter University , has been shortlisted for the Queen Of Teen 201 award.

Previously she has been named on Times Magazines list of most influential teens alongside Pakistani Taliban-survivor Malala Yousafzai and Justin Bieber.

Miss Reeks wrote romance novel The Kissing Booth part of a three-book deal when she was just 17. A film deal has already been optioned by Random House Children’s Screen Entertainment for the book.

The author was signed up by the published after her story 'The Kissing Booth' attracted more than 40,000 comments on the web. .

“It is the kind of think that I would like to read,” she continued.

“Lots of my friends are really excited about it as they haven’t read it yet- only my publisher has read it.

“This book is the end of my three book contact with Random House.

“I plan to work on some other books over the summer and hopefully get another contract.”