TWO blocks of flats in Ringland are set to be demolished by a Newport housing association in a bid to improve the area.

The maisonettes, at 129-144 Ringland Circle and 57-86 Cot Farm Circle, were transferred to Newport City Homes from Newport City Council five years ago.

The association has carried out an extensive stock condition survey on the homes it inherited and made the decision to demolish the two blocks in Ringland as they are no longer fit for purpose.

The 32 maisonettes are home to 24 residents who have already been given rehousing options.

Peter Cahill, chief executive at Newport City Homes, said: “Already, feedback from residents and community representatives indicates strong support for the actions the association intends to take which will result in an improvement to the environment and related facilities around the Ringland Centre.”

Ringland councillor Emma Corten said: “I’m very pleased to hear that Newport City Homes are taking such positive action regarding the maisonette blocks in Ringland, as are the residents.

No date has been set for demolition as the association’s first priority is to rehome their existing tenants with properties that match their requirements.

Council leader Bob Bright said: “I think it would be an improvement but we will need to find extra accommodation for them.”