UPDATE: 1.38pm Tuesday 25th June 2014

Police say they have now seized more than 2,500 boxes of suspected counterfeit product believed to be worth over £100,000 as part of the raids that took place yesterday.

UPDATE: 4.41pm Tuesday 24th June 2014

THREE men, including one aged 60 from Shirenewton in Gwent have been arrested as part of a probe into counterfeit car paints.

Officers from Gwent Police, City of London Police, and Thames Valley Police raided properties across South Wales and Oxfordshire believed to be connected in supplying counterfeit versions of the industry-leading 3M™ PPS™ Paint Preparation System.

Three men, 60, 44, 33 were arrested at their homes in Gwent and Banbury on suspicion of money laundering, conspiracy to defraud and trademark offences.

Computer equipment, documentation and over 200 boxes of suspected counterfeit products were seized from the residential and commercial properties in Oxfordshire and South Wales.

They three men were taken to local police stations for questioning and later released on bail.

The operation follows months of investigation by PIPCU into fake car paint products after 3M™ began receiving reports of possible quality problems with its PPS™ products. Upon examination, the ‘defective’ products proved to be counterfeit copies.

The Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU)’s Detective Inspector Rob Stirling said, “Today’s operation highlights the wide remit of intellectual property crime PIPCU is tackling.

“Whether it is physical goods or online digital content, our unit is dedicated to protecting businesses and industries across the UK that put money, effort and time into creating legitimate, high quality products."