OUR FRONT page headline makes strikingly clear our view of the Nato summit logo launched with much fanfare in Brussels yesterday.

And we make no bones about being so strident in our view that this represents a major let-down for the city of Newport.

Also we are not alone. The release of the logo design and its lack of mention of Newport prompted a wave of reaction via our website and other social media.

We cannot believe that the summit is being promoted as the Wales Nato summit with no recognition for the host city other than the inclusion of a stylised Transporter Bridge picture, which will only be recognisable to those of us who already live and work here.

And looking back we cannot find one Nato summit which has not included the name of hits host city.

Chicago, Rome, Lisbon, Riga, Washington DC ...the list goes on, all cities which have had their names linked to hosting Nato summits.

And therefore all which have benefited directly from hosting what is a major gathering of world leaders.

So we cannot understand why the summit here is being marketed as the Wales summit.

Welsh secretary David Jones said this was Wales's day in the sun after Scotland secured the Commonwealth Games and England the Olympics. We would point out the former is being marketed as the Glasgow Games and the latter was of course the London Olympics.