THE disappointment at the lack of representation of Newport on the Nato Summit logo and government’s website continued to be expressed in the city yesterday.

The Argus reported yesterday how the bilingual English/French logo features a Welsh dragon and castle for the Wales summit. The Transporter Bridge is featured but faced criticism that it was unrecognisable as the iconic structure.

In the past few years the summit has always taken the name of its host city such as Chicago, Lisbon or London.

Speaking yesterday, Councillor John Richards, member for Lliswerry and cabinet member for regeneration and development, said: “How many people can identify the great structure from that symbol? It’s an iconic structure. You can’t tell that by the logo. People in Newport will be disappointed by this.

“I am very disappointed by the logo. It is being held here, Newport should be on it to let the world know. A lot of people have worked hard to regenerate the city over the past few years, we have nothing to be ashamed of, we should be proud and promoting the city. It is a pity that powers that be don’t see it that way.”

He added: “If the council were consulted we would have made sure Newport was on it.”

Newsagent Jon Powell said: “It’s disappointing and sad not to have Newport on it. I’m glad the Transporter Bridge is on there.

“I suppose they’re aiming at people from around the world.

“It’s a big event and we need to take advantage of that fact. We should all be proud of the fact that world leaders are coming to Newport and enjoy all that surrounds that.

“I hope as a trader a few more people will be around.”

Paul Flynn, MP for Newport West, said: “When I have mentioned the summit in parliament I have always referred to it as the Newport Nato Summit never the Wales summit. I will continue to do this.

“I don’t object to the Transporter Bridge on the logo, I think people would be quite curious to know more about this iconic structure.”

Criticism has come for the lack of focus on attraction in Newport on the government’s website for the summit which features Beaumaris Castle, Caernarfon Castle and Rhossili Bay.

The website does point out Tredegar House and the Transporter Bridge as attractions in Newport but is more focused on Wales as a whole.

Jessica Morden MP said: “As wonderful and as significant as the photographs of Caernarfon Castle and Beaumaris Castle are, more relevance to the host city of Newport would not go amiss. I appreciate the importance of pushing the Welsh brand but Newport and the surrounding area must feature too.

“If the government are just going to cut and paste from Welsh tourism sites this is a wasted opportunity for Newport.”

And South Wales Argus readers voiced their opinion on our website.

bobmech1 said: “Be honest we all really knew this would happen.”

And Walter Devereux said: “What is wrong with the centre of Newport anyway? Plenty of interesting architecture and urban regeneration going on. Do you really think the World leaders would use any restaurants or shops anyway?”

Eveswell Elvis was less positive. He said: “Anyone who believes that Newport will get anything out of the Nato summit other than traffic disruption, Orwellian security measures and our kids having a cheeky day off school, is sadly deluded. Just as the Ryder Cup illustrated, the organisers will ignore Newport and use either the onsite facilities or be airlifted/bussed into Cardiff, which quite frankly I would want to do.”