NEWPORT performers took to the stage this weekend with a work inspired by the demolition of Newport's Chartist mural.

Performance duo Mr and Mrs Clark and Newport artists Bosch collaborated to produce a series of performance experiments to explore the destruction of art.

The Wales Dance Platform, which began on Friday, brought together dancers, choreographers, photographers and filmmakers to showcase their latest work.

The Newport performers were using music and film in their performance, called Smash It Up, at Chapter, in Canton, on Saturday at 8pm.

They said the aim was to “focus on destruction in order to understand that artists need to create something in the first place”.

The project has been inspired by a series of events including the demolition of the Chartist Mural in 2013.

Gareth Clark, who was working in New York at the time, said: “Watching the demolition of the mural via social media updates was both infuriating and moving.

“I felt compelled to explore other examples of destruction in art and I hope this project will stimulate people to consider their own feelings on the matter.”

Mr and Mrs Clark have been making performance, live art and dance theatre since 2002.

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