THIS picture shows the junction of Bassaleg Road and Western Valley Road to the west of Newport.

The old Three Salmon’s pub is now a take-away. To the left, the road drops to a left turn to Bassaleg, and at the top right, the road leads to Rogerstone. This was a small busy area with the popular pub and a petrol station further up.

There used to be another pub below and nearby was a railway station. Memorable days.

Jim Dyer Newport

THE Now and Then picture is of the Three Salmons public house, now the Three Mughals Indian restaurant on Western Valley Road at Pye Corner, Bassaleg.

The house below looking up the road was where the Richards family lived I am reliably informed by my 102-year-old mother.

Round the corner was Mrs Willis’ sweet shop, which I remember calling into from school to buy sweets. There were steps leading down to the shop as it was below the road slightly.

Further up the hill was the Bush public house run by Mrs Lizzie Peters and her son John. I had my first pint in there. Opposite was the signal box at Bassaleg junction on the Western Valley railway. I remember catching a train to Barry Island from there in the 1960s.

My mother can recall it quite clearly and thought the picture was a very good one.

Gareth Bevan Rogerstone

THE picture is of Pye Corner, Newport. The road to the left leads down into Bassaleg and the building to the right used to be a public house called The Three Salmons. It is now an Indian restaurant called The Three Mughals.

I have very happy memories of this as to the right of this building just out of shot of the picture, there are houses where an aunt of mine once lived whom I used to visit as a child, and next to her house was a small building which was used as a morgue now demolished, a house is now built on this site.

Geraldine Howells Newport

THE pictures are of Western Valley Road in Rogerstone. The ‘Then’ picture shows the building that used to be The Three Salmons pub. It’s now called The Three Mughals.

G Rowe Newport