AROUND 200 postmen and women in Wales were attacked by dogs in the year to April, out of more than 3,300 UK-wide.

Now the Royal Mail is appealing to its customers on issues of responsible dog ownership and is asking them to keep their dogs under control when the postman calls.

The appeal coincides with Dog Awareness Week and the impending school holidays. Figures indicate that the number of attacks peaks during school breaks.

New legislation means owners can now be prosecuted for dog attacks that take place on private property, but the Royal Mail is stressing that it does not have to come down to court action.

“There is growing awareness of the issue of dog attacks and the problems our postmen and women face when they are delivering the mail,” said operations director Geoff Braden.

“However, last year there were still too many incidents in Wales and we need to reduce this number further as even one dog attack on our people is one too many.

“We know that most dogs are not inherently dangerous. However, even the most placid animal can be prone to attack if it feels its territory is being threatened.

“We appeal to dog owners to keep pets under control, especially if they know they have a territorial nature. It can be simple things that help, for example making sure the dog is kept inside when the postman calls.”