REPORTS being presented to council next week propose continued funding for Newport’s voluntary sector as well as grants for community projects and clubs.

In addition to the main voluntary sector organisations Newport Council has supported for a number of years, the council this year, has proposed funding for the Alzheimer’s Society.

The latest report sets out annual Service Level Agreements for 2014/15 for the four main voluntary sector organisations, Newport Citizens’ Advice Bureau (CAB), Gwent Association of Voluntary Bodies (GAVO), South East Wales Racial Equality Council (SEWREC) and Newport Shopmobility. In addition, a smaller grant is also paid to the Alzheimer’s Society.

The total cost of these proposals is £260,240, with CAB receiving £125,700, GAVO £27,540, SEWREC £44,800, Shopmobility £57,200 and the Alzheimer’s Society £5,000. This funding comes from the council’s 2014/15 budget.

The reports are being presented to cabinet member for Human Resources and Assets, Councillor Gail Giles on Monday, when they will seek to be approved.

The report warns that not approving the proposed funding could lead to closure of services within Newport by these organisations.

The council monitors the development and performance of all organisations it supports financially.

Also being presented on Monday, is a report on the Applications to Welsh Church Acts fund. This report proposes that the council give grants totalling £20,005.

The council receives an amount each year for distribution under the Welsh Church Acts fund, to be distributed. For 2014/15 the amount available for Newport City Council to distribute is £48,319, with £15,599 carried over from 2013/14.

Organisations set to receive the most money are the newly formed Handpost Community Library Association and Newport credit union in Market Arcade, each in line for £5,000.

The library association were seeking funds for building work, while the Credit Union asked for money to cover costs including expenses.

Sports clubs like Newport Harriers Athletic are proposed to get £750, Underwood AFC to get £445 and Maesglas United to get £140.

St. Patrick’s RC church looks set to for £2,450.