The Cabinet already in crisis at home

The King’s Intervention

Crown and Parliament

His Majesty’s Remarkable Speech

Grave constitutional crisis

The king’s speech to the conference on the Irish problem: “It is with feelings of satisfaction and hopefulness that I receive you here today and I thank you for the manner in which you have responded to my summons.

“My intervention at this moment may be regarded as a new departure but the exceptional circumstances under which you are brought together justify my actions.

“For months we have watched with deep misgivings the course of events in Ireland. The trend has been surely and steadily towards an appeal for force and today the cry of Civil War is on the lips of the most responsible and sober minded of my people.

"We have in the past endeavoured to act as a civilising example to the world and to me it is unthinkable as it must be to you that we should be brought to this brink... Gentlemen you represent in one form or another the vast majority of My subjects at home. You also have a deep interest in my dominions overseas who are concerned in a prompt and friendly settlement of this question.

“I trust you then in this matter as trustees for the honour and peace of all. Your responsibilities are indeed great. The time is short. You will I know employ it to the fullest advantage and be patient, earnest and conciliatory in view of the magnitude of the interests at stake. I pray that God in his infinite wisdom may give your deliberations so that they may result in the joy of peace and honourable settlement.”