Really. Here are some of the bizarre reasons why some people in Wales have rung 999.

1. A woman who dropped a television remote and needed someone to pick it up

South Wales Argus:

2. A woman who had eaten cherries and felt constipated

South Wales Argus:

3. A man who had discovered a bruise on his foot

4. A woman who asked whether the green part of a potato was poisonous

South Wales Argus:

5. A man with a ring stuck on his finger

South Wales Argus:

6. A woman whose boiler had broken and had no credit to call the gas board

7. A man who had a fly in his ear

8. A woman who didn’t have enough money to buy a train ticket

South Wales Argus:

9. A man with a cotton bud stuck in his ear

10. A mother whose daughter had drunk water from a dog bowl

11. A woman who was intoxicated and needed a lift home

12. A woman who needed advice because she had fallen out with her brother

13. A man with blisters on his foot

14. A woman with a cast on her leg and wanted it taken off