A 68-YEAR-OLD extreme mountain biker, the oldest in South Wales, said he has lost his lifeline after his two mountain bikes, worth more than £5,000, were stolen.

Dave Power from Newport is the oldest mountain biker to ride at BikePark Wales, the UK’s first full scale mountain bike park in Merthyr Tydfil, which is popular with world champions.

But Mr Power may now be forced to give up on his dream to compete in mountain biking competitions after thieves stole his two specialist bikes on July 9.

The thrill-seeker, who is offering a reward to anyone who returns the bikes, said: “It’s not the value of the bikes as such, it’s my life line.

“When you get to my age a lot of the people you know are dying or ill and you are looking to do something full of life. I’m not particularly fit but I love it.

“You have to wear body armour and a helmet when tackling the trials. They start high on the mountain and go downhill.”

Anna Walters, Director at BikePark Wales, said: “Older people who come often ride the mellow tracks but Dave always did the black runs, the most extreme.

“There is a risk of broken bones, especially if you’re older, but Dave used to ride about four times a week.”

Mr Power, of Laurence Hill Avenue, discovered thieves had smashed the back passenger window of his blue Renault Estate and pulled out the two mountain bikes during the night.

The bikes, a silver Giant Reign adult mountain bike and a green and white Trek Session 8 Downhill mountain bike, are worth a total of £5,700 in total.

Councillor Allan Morris, of Lliswerry, said: “I do feel for him. These bikes are specialist, they’re not very good to anyone else other than him. These bikes cost as much as a car.”

Police are urging anyone with any information to call 101 and quote log 44 09/07/14.