AN AMERICAN author came to Newport for the first time this week to promote his new book, based on the history of Gwent.

Jerry Maddox, 78, of Atlanta, Georgia, visited Newport Central Library on July 30 for a book signing of his sixth book, Caradoc Against The Saxons.

The book focuses on the occupation of Britain by the Romans from 43 AD to 476 AD which resulted in most of Wales, including the Silurian kingdom of Gwent, being conquered. It tells the story of the King of Gwent in 550 AD, Caradoc Freichfras, who stopped the Saxon advance at the battle of Tintern Forest in 584 AD from taking over his homeland.

The signing was part of Mr Maddox’s ten-day visit to Wales to promote his latest offering.

Speaking ahead of the event, he said he was very much looking forward to meeting the Welsh public.

“In 1996 my son and I came to Wales where we saw a lot of the country, but this is my first time in Newport,” he added.

Mr Maddox is a descendant of Caradoc Freichfras, and a tenth generation descendant of Samuel Maddox who emigrated to Maryland, USA, from Wales in 1665. He has travelled to Wales, Ireland, Scotland, and England to research his ancestors.

He is a graduate of Emory University Business School and Emory University Law School, retired from business in Atlanta, GA, and lives in Dunwoody, GA, with his wife, Roberta.

Other books by Mr. Maddox and published by Author House, Inc. include From Salacoa to Tahlequah, The Legacy of Ludovic Grant, and The Beginning of American Independence.