100 years ago

Recruiting for Lord Kitchener' force was making magnificent progress in the county with over 500 men enrolled within the last six days. Monmouthshire was leading the way in Wales and other counties were being urged to do the same.

A motor car collided with a horse and cart in Newport, luckily neither parties were injured aside from the motor car having a smashed windscreen.

A sudden death of a 13 year old boy in Newport was reported after his grandmother who had adopted him awoke to find him lying dead beside her in bed. He had tripped the day before and banged his head, but this had not caused any concern to his grandmother as it hadn't Even bled.

A special meeting of Monmouthshire County Council was held with the purpose of appointing a committee to advise on distress which may arise in consequence of the war

50 years ago

The director of ICI made a confident prediction of a rapid expansion in the demand for nylon and further reductions in manufacturing costs.

The burnt out shell of the London House store in Commercial Street was declared unsafe and the store was immediately cordoned off by police who erected barriers to stop traffic and shoppers coming into the danger zone.

The manager of the Newport employment exchange said that a wide variety of jobs remained open for both men and women in the area.

Men on the walkways of the Severn Bridge watched with amazement. As a light RAF aircraft dived under the cables and headed down River without being seen again. RAF St Athan confirmed that it was not one of their planes.

25 years ago

Protest leaders called for international reforms on toxic waste imports after two be cargoes of foreign PCBs reached Rechem, new Inn.

It was announced that British Coal wanted to shut Gwent's last pit at Oakdale, the reason for recommending closure being worsening geological conditions.

Cwmbran town centre' car park were highlighted as a target for car thieves after police admitted they were fighting a losing battle in curtailing the problem

Millions of maggots bred for the fishing industry were destroyed in a fire at a farm in St Brides. The fire caused £30,000 worth of damage