AS I WRITE this column, our students across South East Wales will be waking up on one of the most important days of their young lives as the A-Level results are published.

We have a lot of young people to be proud of here and early indications are many of them will see their hard work rewarded with the grades they need for their futures.

But whatever the result, the important thing all our youngsters need to remember is to take opportunities when they come, keep working hard and they will be rewarded.

I’m the first to admit my A-Level results weren’t the best, but I later did a part time degree and that helped me get on in the years to come. These results are an important thing, and I hope everyone does really well, but they’re not the only thing.

It’s also important for us to hold up our end of the bargain when it comes to our youngsters’ futures, which is why Labour has offered the promise of the Jobs Guarantee Scheme for the next generations.

As part of the events marking the anniversary of the First World War, I was privileged to join Andy Knowlson, regional representative from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, for a guided tour of some of the war graves of Blaenau Gwent

Visiting Ebbw Vale Cemetery, I was left with many poignant thoughts including those of a 16 year old boy who died and two brothers who were interred together.

Everyone from the Monmouthshire regiments and South Wales Borderers, to those serving in the medical and pioneer corps were represented here among the close to 30 graves.

Gwent has always been intrinsically linked with those serving their country, which the tour really hammered home. It gave me a new appreciation of it all and I’m very thankful my role as an MP allowed me this chance to learn more.

Finally, the Circuit of Wales took another important step forward with the news Moto GP have promised their fantastic brand of motorsport will be coming to the circuit in 2016.

There are still plenty of hurdles to leap, but you cannot ignore the marquee nature of Moto GP. Big events and the surrounding training, infrastructure and engineering will be what give the local economy the big boost.

Here’s hoping things continue to move forward and the area gets the development it deserves.