A SLIGHT re-working of one of Corporal Jones's catchphrases from the television comedy classic Dad's Army is my message to Newport County's chairman this week.

Don't panic, Mr Scadding!

Now I don't think for a moment that Les Scadding is thinking of taking drastic action following a poor start to the league season for the County.

But he only has to look at the comments section of our website to see that, for some supporters, panic has well and truly set in.

There have been calls for the head of manager Justin Edinburgh from day one of the season among a minority of the club's fans.

And there were plenty of similar comments on Wednesday night after County made it no points from three games with a 1-0 defeat at Mansfield Town.

The main argument of those who want to see Edinburgh sacked seems to be that County have won just four league games since the turn of the year.

It is a ludicrous argument.

Football is not a calendar-year sport.

If you want to prove an argument in football, you can generally point to statistics from any given start point in a season and they will back you up.

The team is made up of Conference players who aren't good enough for League Two, says one comment on our website. Well, they were good enough for League Two before Christmas last season.

The team has no momentum after ending last season badly, says another. But where does momentum start or end? An unbeaten pre-season, for instance, would suggest County had positive momentum going into the start of the season.

It's time Lotto Les put his hand in his pocket, says another. Easy as it is to spend someone else's money, such a comment ignores the financial fair play rules that now govern all league clubs.

And another calls for Tony Pulis to be appointed. Yep, last season's Premier League Manager of the Year who can probably take his pick from any club in the bottom half of that league when the managerial merry-go-round starts in earnest. It's cloud cuckoo land stuff.

Every one who has left such comments on our site has an absolute right to express their opinions. I just happen to disagree with them and I'm sure they will do with me.

Justin Edinburgh has had a lifetime in football, the bulk of it as a player at the top level. He is no fool. He knows well enough that every manager at every football club has a sell-by date.

But that time is not now and not yet for Edinburgh.

Those calling for his head are often those who complain about a lack of loyalty when players leave for pastures new.

Perhaps they should show Edinburgh some loyalty. This is the man who took County to Wembley for the first time in the club's history, not once but twice.

This is the man who ended County's 25-year exile from the Football League.

And this is the man who turned down offers from other clubs when County were on the up because he wanted to repay the loyalty the club had shown him.

One person tweeted me on Wednesday night to say he would be chanting for Edinburgh to be sacked throughout this Saturday's home match against Burton Albion. Some supporter.

A small proportion of County fans have been spoilt by success over the last two or three years.

The team finished mid-table in League Two last season after a quarter of a century as a non-league club. That was a huge achievement.

Three bad results at the start of the next season shouldn't result in the blind panic a few people are displaying, particularly as there has only been 90 minutes of genuinely poor performance during those games (the second periods against Wycombe and Morecambe).

The time to judge any team, in my view, is after the first 10 games of the season. Then, and only then, might it be time to panic.

What County really need on Saturday is huge vocal support and a win. Here's hoping they get both.