TWO Newport cyclists are having the trip of a lifetime as they pedal 18,000 miles around the world for Cancer Research UK

Ryan Farley, 25 from Monnow Way, and Rob Shipley 24, of Pant Road, have been cycling around the world since July in the hope of raising £18,000 for the charity.

To finish their trip in just a year they need to ride an average of 50–60 miles a day.

On their blog the pair have described their journey through France, Spain and Portugal, where they encountered blistering heat and ‘confusing road signs’ before flying to Toronto.

“France, Spain and Portugal were quite similar in certain ways; many hills, confusing road signs, scorching heat and a language barrier which we managed to get by with,” they said on their blog.

“There were day’s where it was too hot to cycle between 12pm and 3pm (now we know why they have siestas) and as our deadline for our flight approached we started cycling from 3am some morning’s just to get 3-4 hours of night time riding in the cool heat with not so much traffic.”

On their journey the cycling duo have slept in many ‘random’ places along the way including three fire stations; two backyards and behind two MacDonald’s restaurants where they made use of the free wifi and breakfast the next day.

“We’ve also slept in the hotel which is inside the Toronto Blue Jays stadium," they said.

Now in New York they have reached the over 2,000 mile mark on their world cycle and now only have another 16,000 to go.

“Since we left sunny Wales there has only been a few little problems on the road, most of our followers will know all about our trailers and the hassle we had once Ryan’s had tipped over one afternoon on our way into Le Mans and damaged his rear derailleur,” Mr Shipley said on their blog.

“We were both worried that mine would also become damaged so we decided to leave them in Burgos, Spain where we hope someone makes good use of them.

“We now have front and rear panniers each and we haven’t looked back, they’re so much easier to use and carry.

“Aside from that little issue this ride so far has been amazing!

“Around every corner there is something new to see, someone new to meet and talk too.

"We wake up every morning and look at the map and turn to each other and say 'where do you want to end up tonight?' then we plot a vague route and ride along.

“Not knowing where you will sleep, where you will purchase food from, where you’ll be in a week or month’s time just adds to the buzz and excitement of this journey. “

Now Mr Farley and Mr Shipley will head to Washington D.C and then to Chicago to start Route 66.

At the end of R66 in LA they will head north to Vancouver, and then to Australia in time for Christmas.

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