AT THE start of a momentous week for Newport, it is only right that we highlight the success of Saturday's anti-Nato protest march in the city.

Those who took part, and those whose job it was to police it, combined to ensure campaigners were able to exercise their right to protest in a lawful and peaceful manner.

The protesters came and left in peace.

There was a heavy police presence that never became heavy-handed.

And while there was disruption for residents and businesses it was kept to a minimum, with roads only closed for short times.

How this week will progress is difficult to predict.

We hope it continues in the same manner as the weekend.

The Newport Nato Summit begins on Thursday, when another protest march is planned in the city.

Whether there will be fewer or more protesters remains to be seen, but security is bound to be even tighter than it was on Saturday.

We are pleased the White House has confirmed President Obama will visit a local school on Thursday morning. We hope it will be one of the 14 Newport schools that are open then.

Such events should take place in the host city, and a visit from the first serving US president to visit Wales will be something to remember for pupils lucky enough to meet Mr Obama.