IT SEEMS not a month goes by without some revelation or other coming out, relating to the mess that is the Daniel Morgan murder inquiry.

The longer this whole sad saga goes, on the more complex it seems to become and the more twists it takes.

It is now 27 years since Mr Morgan, from Cwmbran, was murdered in south east London. But despite five police investigations there has never been a successful prosecution.

What there has been is a series of claims, counter claims, accusations of corruption within the police force and admissions of failure surrounding the way the investigations have been carried out.

Now the Metropolitan Police, which is already facing a Hillsborough-Inquiry style investigation, is facing compensation claims from previous suspects who were found to have had no involvement in Mr Morgan’s death. The claims are to the tune of £4m.

The sad fact is of course that in the midst of all the compensation claims and reviews and accusations of police corruption, the one thing that has not happened is justice for the family of Daniel Morgan.

And that is an appalling state of affairs.

Our only hope is that the independent inquiry headed up by Baroness Nuala O’Loan actually gets to the bottom of not just of what happened to Mr Morgan, but how the case has been handled since 1987.