BARACK Obama is visiting Mount Pleasant school in Newport tomorrow because a school governor wrote to the White House asking if the president would come.

Steve Bowen, who has been governor at the Rogerstone school since 2012, said he posted the letter by ‘snail mail’ after initially hearing the President planned to visit a school in the area during the summit.

“When they announced the visit during Nato I thought it would be wonderful for the children to be a part of it,” he said.

“I sent a letter to the American Embassy asking if it would be possible for the children to be a part of the special occasion.

“I specifically asked for Mount Pleasant to be the school Obama visited as I am the school governor there.”

Mr Bowen said that he had spoken to the school's headmaster Mr Williams prior to posting the letter asking his thoughts, and said that after sending the letter he did not have any correspondence with the Embassy to confirm that the school would be visited by Obama.

“It will be wonderful for the children and I am totally thrilled.” he said.

“I sent it by snail mail but I typed it out and have heard nothing back after that until now.

I am delighted for the school."

“[In the letter] I said it would be very special for the children and said that they should have a part of it –that was the reason behind it.”

Rogerstone Labour councillor Tom Bond is also delighted at the news.

“It is incredibly exciting,” he said. “It is a once in a life time thing – to be able to say they have met Obama - that is amazing.

"Mr Bond said that a small group of people were aware of the visit just six weeks ago but had to keep it a secret.

"The children have been preparing questions for the President and plan to show him some of their work.

Rogerstone Labour councillor Chris Evans also welcomed the news the President has chosen to visit a school in his ward.

“This is superb news, for a great school, with brilliant staff and fabulous kids,” he said.

“Argus readers will know I’ve done a lot of work, promoting the benefits of the Nato Summit, whilst welcoming peaceful protesters, this however, is the icing on the cake.

“I’m sure our whole community will turn out, to welcome President Obama and The Prime Minister to Rogerstone, to our home on what will be a truly historic day, this sounds so good to say: Obama is coming to Rogerstone!”