A DJ chopped a man's finger off with a meat cleaver then posted a picture of it live online, Cardiff Crown Court has heard.

Malachi Halstead, 35, allegedly drove Teerath Mann, 23, to a secluded area to hack off his finger because suspected he was stealing money.

A court heard Halstead - known as DJ Madskie - then showed the severed finger on Snapchat saying: "See that? I chopped that off".

Halstead and his partner Nicole Seaborne, 26, allegedly lured Mr Mann into a trap before the brutal attack.

Prosecuting Heath Edwards said: "Halstead asked Seaborne to go into her home to get a 'big, dirty, sharp knife'.

"She handed it over to Halstead, knowing full well he was intending on assaulting Mr Mann."

The court heard Halstead then attacked Mr Mann in his car, breaking his nose before telling him: "Tonight you're losing something".

Mr Edwards said: "He drove to a nearby place and parked up, and both got out of the vehicle.

"Mr Mann was made to place his finger on a wooden pole, and when he did, Halstead chopped off a large part of that finger."

A jury at Cardiff Crown Court were shown the Snapchat recording, showing Mr Mann's severed finger and Halstead himself.

In that clip, Halstead can be heard saying: "Anyone f***s with me, this is what I do to him, I chop off their digits."

He then turns the camera on himself, and holds the meat cleaver up and says: "Say hello to my little friend."

The court heard Mr Mann was selling drugs for Halstead but the DJ suspected money had gone missing.

Halstead, of Penllyn Avenue, Newport pleaded not guilty to assault amounting to actual bodily harm, wounding with intent, unlawful wounding, carrying an offensive weapon and having an offensive weapon, stating that Mr Mann is lying.

Seaborne, also of Bishton Street, Newport, pleaded not guilty to encouraging/ assisting in the commission of an indictable offence believing it will be committed.

Snapchat is a popular mobile phone app which allows users to send videos and pictures, both of which expire after being watched once.