CHRISTCHURCH Music Society bravely brought the big production of Hairspray to their small stage at Christchurch, Newport, on Wednesday and it paid off.

Attending on their opening night, I arrived to a packed audience eagerly awaiting for the show to start.

In true Hairspray style, the show began with Tracy Turnbland (Hollie Kempson), blasting out Good Morning Baltimore. The audience were not disappointed, where foot tapping and clapping began and continued throughout the night.

Hollie played a brilliant character as Tracy with her passionate bubbly personality, great singing and big hair! She really looked the part and the interaction between her, her parents (Pete Routley and Dave Williams), and Link Larkin (Dan Follows) was pure comedy.

When speaking about humour, Penny Pingleton (Sarah Purnell) must also be mentioned for creating countless laughs.

The villains of the musical, Velma Von Tussle (Kate Summers) and Amber Von Tussle (Danielle Davies) should also be praised for playing their snobbish and bigoted roles well.

With several new and existing members all should be proud of their performance. It was obvious that a lot of hard work had been put in to this show and it came through.

The range and creativity of sets were well thought out only adding to the story.

This was a fun and entertaining evening which can only be shown through the animated and lively audience.

The musical continues at Christchurch Church Hall until Saturday.