RESIDENTS concerned about the redevelopment of the former University of South Wales (USW) campus in Caerleon expressed their fears over the plans at a public meeting.

Councillors Gail Giles and Jason Hughes hosted the event, which was attended by more than 100 people, on Monday evening.

It comes after USW launched a public consultation on a planning application for the redevelopment of the site.

Up to 263 new homes could be built there, with the former student halls and teaching buildings being demolished.

Cllr Joan Watkins joined cllrs Giles and Hughes on a panel at the meeting.

Representatives from the university declined an invitation to attend, with a statement read out on their behalf.

Traffic, pollution, and the impact of the development on the local infrastructure, especially in regards to schools and health provision, formed the main issues raised by residents.

Cllr Hughes, meanwhile, supported Caerleon Civic Society calls urging residents to respond to the pre-application in writing by June 12.

Members of the society said it had listed a number of objections to the proposals.

Mike Singleton, the chairman of Caerleon Civic Society, said: “Following conclusion of the consultation period the university is obliged to respond to comments that have been made, but we will have to wait and see if that actually happens.”

According to the plans, the original Grade II listed college building will be “at the heart of the scheme”, continuing to provide a visual landmark with its character retained.

University bosses say the building would be converted into 42 flats, with its existing drive enhanced to provide a tree lined corridor.

A USW spokesman said previously: “The aim is for the development to provide both jobs and a long-term future benefit for the Caerleon community by providing housing for all ages, including young families, and space for businesses or public services.

“Our commitment to a sustainable university across the region, including in Newport, is absolutely unchanged. We recognise the importance of the regeneration of the city to the future of the region, and we see the university as a huge part of that.”

Consultation documents are available to view at or at the security lodge at the entrance to the former campus site during normal working hours from Monday to Friday.