A MOTHER is anxious about going outside with her own son after being accused of having abducted him by a stranger.

Liubov Savich, of Cormorant Way, Newport, has described the “distressing” incident at a train station in which a woman grabbed her five-year-old son and assaulted her.

The 37-year-old was queueing to get a taxi at the station on Wednesday when her son, started to talk to the people in front of them.

Miss Savich, 37, said: “My son started to talk to the people in front because he is chatty and friendly – but that friendly chat turned into awkward chat.

“The woman started questioning me, she was asking me what my son’s date of birth was and she asked to see my ID.”

Miss Savich, who works as a security officer, said the woman told her she was an “undercover police officer”, but then changed her story and said she was from child protection.

“She was telling me to give her my phone,” she said.

“I told her I wanted to see her badge and then she grabbed my son.

“She was calling me a paedophile and accusing me of abducting my son. She was trying to take him away from me.”

Miss Savich said she managed to grab her son, Ahmed Mekano, and that, as they were walking away, the woman pulled her hair.

“It didn’t hurt, but my son was very distressed,” she continued. “What happened is disgraceful. I think it is a big deal, especially because of her occupation.”

Miss Savich said she was told that the woman, who was allegedly drunk, worked for social services.

“Both me and my son are struggling to concentrate and he keeps talking about it,” she said. “I feel anxious about going outside with him as I worry someone is going to approach us in the street and start questioning me.

“The police officer told me the only reason they thought I was not his mum is because I am white and he is mixed race.”

A spokeswoman for South Wales Police said confirmed they were called to an incident at the back of Swansea Central train station on Wednesday, July 12.

She added: “A 36-year-old woman from the Townhill area of Swansea was arrested at the scene and later released with a police caution for common assault.”