WE GOT to know some of your pets this week when we published our prettiest pets supplement.

If you missed out on getting a copy of the supplement you can now see the photos online.

In the supplement we featured some of the animals who are at the RSPCA re-homing centre in Newport, and they are all looking for loving homes.

Get to know more about some of the pets who are at the centre, and if you would like to meet them contact the centre on 0300 123 0744 or email newport@rspca.org.uk 

South Wales Argus:

Martha is desperately seeking her forever home. She has a gentle nature and loves nothing more than lazing about in the company of humans. She loves to play with her toys and go for a gentle stroll in the sunshine.  

Unfortunately Martha is finding kennel life very stressful and seems to have been overlooked for this reason. Despite struggling, outside of her kennel she is an affectionate girl and her loving, cheeky personality shines through.

Martha is looking for a quieter home where she can relax and enjoy the fuss and attention she deserves. She could live with sensible children but would prefer to be the only dog in the household.

South Wales Argus:

Finley loves munching on his dandelions and vegetables. He is a shy boy when you first get to meet him and will benefit from further socialising to help build his confidence.

He came to the centre in need of basic medical care and attention, he also had extremely matted fur that had to be removed. Since being at the Centre, Finley has thrived, accepting being groomed and handled by the staff.

Finley is looking for a patient family who will spend lots of time with him and continue to build his trust in humans. He could live with older sensible children and possibly live with a spayed female rabbit depending on a successful introduction.

South Wales Argus:

George is a gentle boy who is looking for a place he can call home again. He is full of love and cuddles to give to his new owner. He enjoys close contact with his human friends and likes being picked up and having lots of fuss and being groomed, which he absolutely adores.

George loves relaxing in the sunshine snoozing the hours away, but he soon wakes up for feed time. George’s new home would need to be without dogs and cats but could live with secondary school aged children. George would love to have a second chance to find his forever home and he will bring lots of happy and joyful times to his new owner.

South Wales Argus:

Kas is a friendly girl who loves lots of attention and cuddles. She can often be seen sprinting around and often entertains herself throwing toys into the air and catching them. She walks well on lead, knows sit and will come to you when called.
Kas was brought in by an RSPCA inspector along with another dog as their welfare needs were not being met. With lots of tender loving care from the staff she has blossomed and is now ready for her forever home.

Kas could live with sensible primary school children but would prefer a home without cats or dogs.

South Wales Argus:

When Tamara arrived at the RSPCA her coat was terribly matted and she was in need of some TLC and antibiotics. Regular grooming will need to be continued in the home to help maintain its condition but also as a lovely way to bond with her.

Tamara, is known to have her shy and stubborn moments, especially when meeting new people. Her safe place in the cattery is an igloo bed in her run. Anyone interested in offering Tamara a home will need to be patient and work with her through this period, as in return you will be rewarded by a quirky little character who can't wait to come out for fuss.

Tamara will thrive in a quiet home, where she can snooze away the rest of her twilight years and come around in her own time, for this reason the RSPCA are asking for her to be rehomed with children of secondary school age and as the only animal in the home as unfortunately she can become quite distressed around other cats.

South Wales Argus:

Thumper is a lovely, friendly boy who is good to handle. He enjoys taking treats out of your hand and being socialised by staff and volunteers at the centre.

Due to his friendly nature he could be rehomed with sensible primary school aged children as long as they are supervised whilst handling him and he could live with a spayed female upon successful introduction.

If you would like to meet any of these pets contact the centre on 0300 123 0744 or email newport@rspca.org.uk