A NEW delicatessen inspired by Newport Medieval Ship has officially opened its doors to the public.

Monusk Deli is located across the river from Friars Walk in Newport just a few doors down from Horton's Coffee Ship and Hi Coffee.

It is inspired by the history of Newport Ship, with food and drink from a range of associated area’s – including the Iberian Peninsula.

“Our intention is to pay homage to the rich medieval trade routes of the Newport Ship,” said owner Finn Nesbitt.

“The Basque-built ship traded extensively with Portugal, Spain, France and this region.

“Evidence of racks and racks of Portuguese wine have been discovered for instance and we would love to continue that colourful trade between these regions.

“We want to rekindle this proud history through showcasing the delicious food and drink of these areas."

The deli features local produce including sourdough bread, cheese, pies, milk, cider and craft ale.

It also offers visitors a casual dining experience and a counter selection of freshly prepared pintxos.

“We’ll be providing as much local produce as possible and already have the plans for local sourdough bread, cakes, cheese, pies, eggs, milk, cider and craft ale.”

For more information on the deli cafe, visit the website monusk.com/