ALMOST 90 per cent of social housing in Wales has met standards which must be achieved by Welsh landlords by 2020, new figures have shown.

The Welsh Government has said all social housing in the country must meet the Welsh Housing Quality Standard, which says all homes must be in a good state of repair, safe and secure, well heated and insulated and contain modern kitchens and bathrooms, by 2020.

And new figures have shown 86 per cent of all social housing in the country met the standard, which also says homes must meet the requirements of disabled residents, be located in attractive and safe environments and, in the case of rented housing, be well managed by the end of March this year.

This represents an increase of seven per cent on the year before.

Wales’ community and children secretary Carl Sargeant welcomed the figures, saying: “The Welsh Housing Quality Standard will ensure that more than 220,000 households in Wales have a home that is safe, warm and secure.

“It is also vital to us achieving many of our other goals as a government, including improving the nation’s health and wellbeing.

“Investment in improving and building homes also has huge potential to create jobs and training opportunities in our communities and help us build a prosperous society.”

The Welsh Government provides £108 million each year to help all social landlords meet the standard by 2020.