A TEENAGER from Newport who was chosen as a British ambassador for a seminar held at the German ministry of science said it was a “fantastic” experience.

Alexander Willis – who was appointed Member of the Youth Parliament for Newport in November last year – was one of 25 people from across the country attending the seminar about seas and oceans, which took place in Hamburg at the end of October.

Alexander, of the Allt-yr-yn area of Newport, said that, throughout the weekend, he learned a great deal about the issue of rising sea levels and the effects of litter on marine life.

The 16-year-old said: “The extent in which a single bag of plastic can harm sea creatures is unbelievable. In this country, we have seen whales washed up on our beaches with their insides filled with rubbish, and often turtles eat plastic bags thinking they are jellyfish.”

Alexander said the seminar was a “fantastic experience”.

“I loved meeting new people from both Britain and Germany,” he added. “As we forge our own way in the world after Brexit, strong connections between our young people are all the more important and I'm proud to say I've played a part in that.”