A WOMAN has described her “shock” at discovering a firework in the windscreen of her car.

Sarah-Jane Pearce’s car was parked at a friend’s house in Coed Glas, Cwmbran. On November 4 she was in the house and had music on high and said a number of fireworks were being let off nearby.

But it wasn’t until the next morning that she discovered the damage done to her car.

The 32-year-old said: “I didn’t hear anything. The bangs were very loud that night and I had the TV was loud because the cat was scared.

“I woke up on Sunday morning at 8.30am and opened the landing curtain, I saw something outside in my windscreen and I went out to see.

“I had a bit of shock when I went outside. It’s quite a big one and doesn’t look like a garden firework. It’s more the size of professional firework.”

She said that a neighbouring house also had a firework on top of their roof and she raised concerns about how people can buy powerful fireworks.

She said: "I am concerned about how easy it is get hold of non-garden fireworks. Someone could have been seriously injured by them."

Ms Pearce’s insurance covered the repairs to the windscreen, which could have cost £300. She works as a mobile hairdresser and has had to borrow cars from friends and family to keep her appointments while she waits for the repairs to be carried out.

She added: “There is glass all in the car all over front seat back seat and dashboard all the child seat I use for my four-year-old niece. It’s frightening what happened because I could have been driving and she could have been in the car with me.

“It’s made such an impact that it’s gone through the windscreen. If that would have hit someone it would have killed them.”