PROPOSALS to ban parking in parts of Newport city centre have been met with a muted reaction.

The Argus reported yesterday, Monday, Newport City Council is considering banning all parking within the area surrounding the High Street as part of a plan to improve the area as a whole.

But response to the idea has been largely negative, with leader of the city's Conservative group Cllr Matthew Evans saying he had "serious concerns" about the potential impact on independent traders in the Indoor Market and elsewhere.

"Anything that makes it more difficult for them to access their businesses I wouldn't be able to support," he said.

"I understand the thinking behind it, but I would be extremely concerned if people coming in on a Saturday to get their fruit and veg from the market were not able to park.

"A lot of elderly people use that market."

Leader of the Newport Independents Party Cllr Kevin Whitehead was slightly more positive about the idea, but said he remained to be fully convinced.

"I can understand their thinking on this because we want to attract people into the city," he said.

"But our transport system isn't joined up and that's why people stick to their cars.

"It's well-intended and I can see their thinking behind it - I don't want to be too critical because I'm a fan of the city.

"But if it fails what's Plan B?"

And readers on Facebook were largely against the plan.

Lewis Lewis wrote: “The proposals are crazy and just show how far removed NCC are from what is actually happening in its own city."

“They need to stop commissioning statistical reports and instead speak to the people and have a people’s panel.

“NCC would also benefit from walking around the city centre a lot more.”

And Jane Mallett said: "I used to shop every week in the market but I stopped shopping in the market when they removed the car park at the back.

"I cannot heavy bags to the multi-storey car park. The parking that was left was not monitored so people overstayed their time.

"I feel you need parking to make a market and small shops work. If the spaces were for an hour and monitored it would work."

And Carrie Hailwood said: "Don't do it! Chepstow High Street is on its knees and is completely inaccessible to anyone with probs walking. Think again!"

A consultation into the plan has been launched at

The deadline for responses is Friday, December 8.