GWENT politicians are today supporting the "bread and bombs" campaign on Afghanistan.

Newport West MP Paul Flynn (pictured) will be returning to London for tonight's four- hour debate in the House of Commons, starting at 6pm.

He said: "I think it's sensible and right to recall parliament and I will be there. It's an unique attack where people are dropping explosives and food parcels.

"The last thing we want is a country with the most obese people attacking a country where people are starving. Most people see it as a humanitarian issue with the famine in Afghanistan. I'm hopeful that Blair's new world order can change opinion round from dealing with issues like Star Wars to dealing with starvation, AIDS and oppressive regimes."

Liberal Democrat leader in the Assembly, Mike German, said: "It's very important the military and humanitarian objectives are put together."

He spoke of the need for vigilance against possible reprisals. "We must all be conscious that we are dealing with people who are bent on destruction without fear of the consequences for innocent victims. Now that we have joined the attack against them, we must be vigilant and cautious."

Gwent AM William Graham said the attacks would lead to even tighter security at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool today.

Speaking from the seaside resort, he said: "The party will try to have as normal a conference as will be allowed, with the leader and his shadow cabinet heading back to parliament.

"Security here will be unprecedented tomorrow, and it's a sobering thought that we could be a target for reprisals here."

Newport East AM John Griffiths said: "We knew some military action would be taken. I hope it's limited to the minimum necessary to bring those responsible to justice." He said the key for the long term was to resolve conflicts around the world and raise living standards for the poorer nations.

First Minister Rhodri Morgan said: "We're very glad to see that this is not just a one-dimensional military campaign and that great emphasis is bring placed on the humanitarian aspect as well. The ordinary people of Afghanistan have suffered greatly in the last 20 years. They cannot and should not be blamed for the actions of Osama bin Ladin and the Taliban regime."