A WELSH examining board's GCSE exam will be postponed from January to March it was announced today.

Following recent allegations made by the Daily Telegraph about examination standards and confidence in the examinations system, the Welsh Government has put back the WJEC's Information and Communication Technology GCSE, to be sat on 17th January 2012 until March.

Earlier this month allegations were published about seminars provided for teachers by awarding organisations.

On 9th December, the the Daily Telegraph published allegations about examiners saying that qualifications from one awarding organisation were easier than those from another.

The examinations regulator Ofqual was ordered to look into the claims and report back by Christmas. Their report found that, at a WJEC seminar on part of a GCSE ICT course, attendees were told which topics pupils would be assessed on.

"This is in clear breach of regulatory requirements, and it compromises the planned exam," the report said.

The Minister for Education and Skills, Leighton Andrews, said: "A key element of our consideration has been fairness to the learners affected by incidents highlighted by the Daily Telegraph and our subsequent investigations.

"Our immediate focus is on the need to make sure that the standards and confidentiality of exams to be taken in January 2012 and next summer, are not compromised because some teachers gained privileged information from seminars. "At the same time, we want to ensure that candidates entered for those examinations are not disadvantaged."