A TERRIFIED mum-of-two who ‘wouldn’t hurt a fly’ was punched in the face during a vicious road rage attack in Poole.

Jennifer Anderson, who works with children with severe disabilities, was attacked by a biker as she drove along busy Penn Hill Avenue.

The motorcyclist punched her through the open window of her car as she was driving along.

Speaking to the Daily Echo in a bid to bring her attacker to justice, the 37-year-old victim said: “If I had of been driving any faster when he punched me, it could have been carnage.

“I could have lost control of my car. It was so scary when he punched me in the head, I just couldn’t believe it, I wouldn’t hurt a fly. I was left with a nasty cut on my forehead.

“Afterwards I simply went into shock – I just ran out of my car and felt like I was going to be sick.”

The violent incident happened last Thursday, around 6.30pm during the evening rush-hour.

Jennifer was driving alone in her red Citroen Picasso when the motorbike pulled alongside.

“I’d already seen him to my left trying to get by, but then he pulled along my drivers side,” she recalled.

“There was nowhere for him to go and he startled me so much I blurted out ‘silly idiot’.

“It was at this point he punched me in the head.”

The learning support worker, from Parkstone’s Langside School, was travelling to her boyfriend’s home at the time.

“My instincts were to just get to my boyfriend’s house. Part of me thought the man might come back,” she explained.

“But then the blood started pouring down my face.”

By the time she arrived at her boyfriend’s address, Jennifer was in a complete state of shock.

She said: “I just ran out of the car because I thought I was going to be sick.

“I pulled my hair back and there was blood everywhere. Then my boyfriend called the police.”

Jennifer, from Hamworthy, thinks the biker may have been wearing studded riding gloves.

She added: “This wasn’t a teenager, it was a grown man and by the sound of the bike it was quite powerful.

“If he’d have hit me any lower it would have been my eye and I may not have been able to carry on driving. If he does this to someone else, they may lose their life “For me, it is not just the fact he hit me, it is the feeling I am left with now. Now I’m scared when I drive at night, it is a horrible feeling really.”

Police are now hunting the male biker, who sped off after last Thursday’s 6.30pm attack.

PC Benjamin McSorley, of Poole Police, said: “I believe the motorcyclist was very close and may have made light contact with the wing mirror of the car.

“I am appealing for anyone who witnessed this incident to contact police as soon as possible.”