A GWENT MP launched a stinging attack on his own Conservative-led coalition over what he describes as "incompetence of the highest levels of government".

David Davies, who represents the Monmouth constituency, accused his own party of being out of touch with the electorate and said the Prime Minister David Cameron needs to listen more if the Tories were to recover losses suffered in the local elections.

In a letter to the Argus, the Tory backbencher apologised to those who felt they had been let them down - a factor which he says has seen some voters, including his own mother Kath, turn to the UK Independence Party instead.

He said loyal Conservative voters expected certain things from the party such as a balanced budget and a tough stance on immigration and crime.

But he believes issues including the government's failure to overcome human rights laws to deport extremist Islamic clerics like Abu Qatada, have been sidelined for talks over proposed changes to gay marriage laws and House of Lords reform.

Instead Mr Davies  wants to see a reduced spend on foreign aid while taxes here are going up and cuts are being made to police forces.

He also wants a referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union and the European Court of Human Rights and believes a cabinet reshuffle is needed.  He said: "The British Government needs to look after Britain first.

"David Cameron needs to change his tact very rapidly other wise he's not going to be in position for very long.  "I am sure he realises his supporters are not happy with what's going on."

"If I sound like I'm being critical I am. I have been a been loyal for the last couple of years, although I have voted against the government on certain things like the EU referendum question, but there comes a point when it is becoming more difficult to remain so loyal."

His comments came on the day the Queen makes her speech to parliament outlining the government's plans for the coming parliamentary year.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: Is Cameron on thin ice?

MONMOUTH MP David Davies is not known for hiding his light under a bushel.

It should come as no surprise the Conservative backbencher has forthright views about the difficulties that have enveloped the coalition government in recent weeks.

But it is significant Mr Davies feels compelled to write to this newspaper to apologise to his constituents for what he calls “incompetence at the highest levels of government”.

Mr Davies says he has been loyal to David Cameron but “it is becoming more difficult to remain so loyal”.

If other Tory backbenchers share Mr Davies’ views then the prime minister could be in real trouble.

There is little doubt many Tory MPs are growing uneasy with the coalition, believing the Liberal Democrats are holding them back from being a ‘proper’ Conservative government.

The only way of changing that situation, of course, is to go back to the country.

And there are clearly some Tory MPs, like Mr Davies, who doubt whether Mr Cameron is the man to lead them into the next election.

The Conservatives are renowned for ruthlessly dispatching leaders they believe to be election liabilities.

Margaret Thatcher was axed after 11 years in Downing Street; Ian Duncan Smith got the boot before he had the chance to fight an election.

Is Mr Cameron next on the list for the men in grey suits?