THIRTY-TWO people were injured in little over four years in collisions on a Gwent roundabout where a motorcyclist died.

The information was requested by the family of 20- year-old father-to-be Luke Grace, who died after his Yamaha DT125 motorbike was involved in a collision with a Ford Fiesta on the McDonald’s roundabout in Pontypool on May 19.

His mother, Rachel Hoare, 43, is campaigning for a better road layout, markings and improved signage to help prevent further deaths.

A Freedom of Information request submitted to Gwent Police by the family found there were 26 accidents on the roundabout, which connects the A4042 with the A472, between January 2008 and April 2012.

Of these incidents, four involved motorbikes, one involved a pedal cyclist and one involved a pedestrian.

No other people were killed but 32 people were injured, including 21 drivers, five passengers, four motorcyclists, a cyclist and a pedestrian.

Gwent Police do not keep records of non-injury collisions.

Mr Grace’s family say the busy roundabout is not clearly marked and is confusing for drivers.

It is believed he overtook a car travelling in the same left-hand lane as him from Pontypool towards Abergavenny, when the two collided. He was thrown from his bike and was pronounced dead at Newport’s Royal Gwent Hospital.

His mother has called for traffic-lights to be introduced at peak times, as well as lane markings to stop people cutting across other drivers’ paths.

Gwent Police said it could find no record of any complaints received about road safety or traffic management issues at the roundabout.

But as previously reported the Welsh Government is looking to make improvements at the site, including lane markings, changes to direction signs and vegetation clearance.