TEMPORARY lighting installed in Newport's Brynglas Tunnels following a lorry fire won't be replaced until an extensive improvements programme begins.

The Welsh Government said that a contract has not yet been awarded for replacing the lighting in the westbound tunnel on the M4, which was destroyed following a lorry fire in July last year.

Since the incident, which caused traffic chaos around the city, a temporary, non-standard lighting system has been in operation , which has led to speed restrictions being placed for drivers in the tunnel.

Following a freedom of information request made last month, director of transport, Frances Duffy said a business case is currently being prepared, which will consider the lighting issue alongside other work.

She said this will look at the most suitable approach to work, balancing costs and taking into account potential disruption caused to motorists when it takes place.

In her response to the request that asked for information on replacing the temporary lighting, she said: "To avoid added disruption and abortive works, the replacement of the lighting is being considered alongside a potential scheme of improvements in the tunnel.

"This work would address other works resulting from the fire, replacing equipment that is at or is approaching the end of design life as well as ensuring all systems meet current legislative and design standard requirements."

Ms Duffy added that the temporary speed restriction within the tunnel is continually being reviewed to ensure it is a suitable mitigation to the non-standard lighting and that it doesn’t cause undue congestion.