A NEWPORT man was locked up for 66 days for a string of alcohol-related offences, some of which he couldn’t remember committing, claiming he was too drunk.

Stephen Brian Thomas Clayton, 20, of Chepstow Road, appeared at Caerphilly Magistrates’ Court, where he pleaded guilty to three offences.

He admitted thefts of an £8 box of Becks lager from Tesco in Cambrian Road on August 6 and a £25 bottle of Jack Daniels whisky from Asda in Pill on July 31.

Clayton also admitted failing to comply with the directions of a police officer when he was ordered to leave the Newport city centre area for 48 hours after causing a problem.

Prosecutor Kath Yardley told the court CCTV at the Asda store picked up Clayton sticking the bottle of Jack Daniels up his jumper and running out of the store The alcohol was never recovered.

On August 6, Ms Yardley said Clayton was “drinking and causing a general nuisance around Skinner Street”.

She said police spoke to him and he signed a ticket at 8pm agreeing not to return to the area for 48 hours.

However, just two-and-ahalf hours later, he was back and arrested for trying to leave the Tesco store in Cambrian Road with a box of Becks lager.

Ben Waters, for Clayton, called the offending “very unsophisticated”, saying Clayton was stealing to continue drinking.

He said: “He has had issues with alcoholism, passing out and waking up in all types of places and not remembering how he got there. He can’t remember speaking to police and being given the notice to leave the area as he was intoxicated.”

Chairman of the bench Kenneth Jones sent Clayton back into custody for the 44 days he has left to serve on licence for a previous offence.

He also added to this two terms of 22 days for thefts to run concurrently with each other and then consecutive to the 44 days. No further punishment was added for failing to comply with the directions of an officer.

Clayton was given a further concurrent term of 28 days for the £731.71p he has outstanding in unpaid fines, compensation and victim surcharges for previous offences. On top of this, he must pay £25 compensation to Asda for the Jack Daniels.