IT WILL be a travesty if Gwent’s golden Paralympian Mark Colbourne is not included in the next honours list.

Cyclist Mark’s gold was the only such medal won at either the Olympics or Paralympics by an athlete from this area.

Frankly, we would like to see all Team GB’s gold medallists receive gongs in the New Year honours.

And if that means a few politicians and civil servants missing out then all well and good.

Last week five MPs on the wrong end of the prime minister’s Cabinet reshuffle were told they would be getting honours – four of them knighthoods.

That is meat and drink for those who want to see the honours system abolished.

There is no doubt the entire system is devalued when honours are handed out as retirement presents or as an inducement for a minister to go quietly.

We have said before honours should only go to those who have excelled in what they do as professionals or volunteers, those who have truly gone the extra mile.

We want to see fewer men in grey suits on the honours list and more of Britain’s exceptional and inspirational people.

Mark Colbourne and his Paralympian and Olympian colleagues certainly fit the bill.

Let us hope that it is Mark and his fellow athletes filling the honours list at the end of the year.