A FOOTBALL referee was allegedly assaulted after an under-16s football match between Caldicot Town and Maesglas on Sunday.

Paul Gobbett, a referee in the Macwhirter Youth East Dvision, said he was hit a couple of times after the match by a disgruntled parent at Caldicot’s ground.

Caldicot Town secretary Steve Bright said: “I wasn’t at the game itself but usually go down afterwards anyway to find out what’s been going on, in my role as secretary.

“I was made aware of the incident and spoke to the referee, Paul Gobbett. I understand the incident took place at around 4.15pm after the game ended.

“I was told a parent ran across to the referee, had an argument with him and threw a couple of punches.

“As a club we are not condoning the incident. We know who the person is but are not prepared to name them as there is an investigation with the police.

“The person in question will be banned for life.”

A spokesman for Gwent Police said: “We received a report of an assault at Caldicot Football Club at 4.55pm on Sunday, September 9.

“Officers are investigating the incident.”