AN INQUIRY into the death of a holidaymaker who died in the bath in Cyprus two years ago was delayed by Cypriot authorities, Gwent's coroner said.

Gareth Wynford Evans, 38, of Abertillery, killed himself by electrocuting himself in a bath while on holiday with his wife, Victoria, and their teenage son in June 2010.

But an inquest looking into his death could not be held until now because of a lack of evidence from Cypriot authorities, Gwent Coroner David Bowen told a hearing today.

He said: "I regret to say that all too frequently in these cases there’s a delay, and then when the information is recovered it’s sometimes less comprehensive than it would have been if the case had been investigated by Gwent Police."

Mr Bowen said the information Gwent Police had gained from Cypriot authorities was "sparse to put it mildly" but they were able to rule out third party involvement.

His inquest heard the family had gone on holiday because the couple, who were living separately at the time, were trying to reconcile their relationship after splitting because of Mr Evans’ drug use.

But a few days into the holiday on June 21, Mrs Evans and her son returned from a shopping trip to find no answer at their apartment.

Staff let them in and Mr Evans was found lying fully clothed in the bath with the taps running.

A post mortem examination carried out in Cyprus concluded he died of pulmonary edema, which is an abnormal build up of fluid in the lungs.

It also found evidence of scolding and first degree burns, but no trace of alcohol or drugs.

Mr Bowen said he was satisfied the pulmonary edema was induced by electrocution, which he said was no accident.

He recorded a verdict that Mr Evans killed himself.