A DRUG addict committed three "horrid crimes" against his own family including attacking and robbing his dad and burgling his gran.

Craig Dowding, 21, stole from his grandmother’s house while she recovered at the city’s Royal Gwent Hospital following a stroke.

At Cardiff Crown Court, prosecutor David Wooler described how Leonard Dowding lives in fear of his son, saying: "He treats his father badly, takes advantage of him, constantly asking for money for drugs. Mr Dowding is afraid of his son following a number of threats and incidents."

Craig Dowding pleaded guilty to theft from his dad on July 22 and robbery on July 27 and burgling his gran’s house on July 19 this year.

Mr Wooler said the first incident happened at Leonard Dowding’s address of Conway Croft, Newport.

He had given his son money, but Craig Dowding returned an hour later asking to borrow fishing equipment.

"As he looked for it, Craig said ‘it’s OK, I’ve come to rob you anyway’, before taking his dad’s wallet from his fleece pocket and taking £120 cash out," Mr Wooler added.

The second incident happened on July 27, when Leonard Dowding stopped his son entering his home. But, the defendant jammed his foot in the door, demanded money, before punching his dad leading to "excruciating pain to his nose and mouth".

Craig Dowding then left with £60.

He also burgled gran Winifred Green’s house while she recovered in hospital after a stroke.

Dowding knew she kept a safe in her kitchen which contained gold and jewellery- he took this, selling it for £1,000. Police, however, were able to recover it just before it got melted down.

Defence barrister David Martin said: "He regrets the incidents with his dad now, but knows it’s a bit too late."

Recorder Jonathan Ferris called them "horrid little crimes" and sentenced Dowding to concurrent terms of 15 months for burglary and 12 months for robbery, with no separate punishment for the theft offence.

He also made Dowding, of no fixed abode, subject to a two-year restraining order, stopping him approaching his father.