A MAN who squirted ammonia into the eyes of his neighbour was banned from contacting his victim.

Aaron Jolosa, 23, of Clyffes, Greenmeadow, Cwmbran, is prohibited from contacting Dorian Neale after a restraining order was imposed.

Jolosa, who is serving a 24-month sentence for two attacks on Mr Neale, appeared via video link at Cardiff Crown Court.

Judge Eleri Rees explained any breaches of the order on his release could result in further time in prison.

Earlier this month, the Argus reported how the first incident took place on August 31 2010, when Jolosa was standing outside the bar with his friends, one of whom had a fight with a member of another group which Mr Neale was with.

Prosecutor Hywel Hughes said Jolosa stood in front of Mr Neale with his hand outstretched towards his face, and "without warning" squirted the liquid into his eyes, causing a "burning sensation."

The court heard Jolosa, who lives on the same street as his victim, struck a blow to his eye.

The two men met in a chance encounter on Boxing Night, 2011.

Mr Neale went to the toilets of a bar at 2am when Jolosa appeared and told his friends this was the man he sprayed ammonia on before threatening to hit him.

The court heard Mr Neale offered his hand to make up and as he did so, Jolosa headbutted him to the bridge of the nose causing it to "pop" and bleed.

Jolosa pleaded guilty to two counts of causing actual bodily harm and he was handed consecutive sentences of ten months and 14 months.

In the same week Jolosa went to jail, Mr Neale's family spoke out, saying the sentence was not enough.

They said Mr Neale was still receiving treatment two years after the attack, which left him with blisters, burnt corneas and a black eye.