HEAVY rain hit Monmouthshire today and last night causing flooding in the Monmouth area.

Residents living in Rockfield and Wyesham woke up to find several feet of water flowing through their homes and gardens as experts predicted more rain to come over the next 24 hours.

Helen Morgan, 30, of Cornwallis Way, found her back garden flooded this morning. She said while her home was safe, nearby flats and the road were two feet under water.

She said: "There was water coming up bath hole but my neighbours had water coming into their homes."

"The fire service cleared the water fairly quickly, pumping the drains and putting sandbags in place."

Fire crew were called to the Wyesham area to deal with flooding at around 8am and had to pump water off the streets and help residents.

Councillor Liz Hacket Pain said a number of homes in Blake Street and the High Meadows experienced significant flooding yesterday morning.

She said: "My heart goes out to those affected. This happened four years ago and they have only just got over the trauma and to have it happen again is devastating."

"The community really pulled together to help each other together and sandbags are now in place.

Other areas affected include Tintern and Mathern.

Drivers experienced disruption on reports of tree branches on the roads and a lane was closed yesterday morning on the M48 near Chepstow, whilst train passengers experienced delays across Wales train network.

The Environment Agency is urging people to keep an eye on weather forecasts as the Met Office forecast three inches of rainfall over the next 24-hours.